Welcome to SoCal Magazine's first issue came onto the Southern California scene on June 3, 1991. Back then, and no internet, SoCal was created and printed in Florida.


Fast forward to now, and 500 million paper pages later, SoCal Magazine has gone digital. Digital publishing platforms have come a long way in the past five years. High res digital magazines now work seamlessly on any device. Bookmark a story for later. Send individual stories to family and friends. Share and social media posting features are easy to use. Digital Viewer stats make publishing paper magazines like using a desktop push-button phone. And, with real-time updates that go-live on all magazines throughout our network, made the switch to digital, well, a simple choice.


Add SoCal Magazine to your website to create loyalty. Site visitors will also share your issue of SoCal. Adding SoCal is easy and secure. Just apply here. Once approved, we'll send you a snippet of code to add directly to the agreed-upon web page. That's it! Just Set it and Forget it. We'll keep SoCal updated automatically.


After that, enjoy the emails of appreciation from grateful customers for providing a valuable resource to help in planning or just staying informed.   


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